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Yacht Davit Systems

Dutch, davit French, Bossoir German, Bootskran Italian, Gruette Portuguese, Turcos Spanish, pescantes

Why choose an atlas davit systemsdavit?

  • Portable - starting from 8Kgs

  • Strong - lifting up to 500kgs

  • Available in a range of sizes

  • Available in one or two pieces

  • Rotates through 360 degrees

  • Simple to erect and use

  • Multiple watertight deck sockets

  • Easily stowed

  • CE approved & ISO9001

  • METS-DAME award winner

Davit video

Davit applications

  • Tender davit

  • Outboard davit

  • Dinghy davit

  • Jet Ski davit

  • Inflatable boat davit

  • Rescue davit

Atlas Davit Brochure

Davit System Brochure


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davit cranes carbon fibre davits; Portable lifting systems for a variety of marine applications

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Used by Trinity House and the Ministry of Defence

jet ski davits carbon davit cranes have been designed to make light work of a variety of
lifting tasks up to 500kg/ 1100lbs whilst maintaining an exceptionally low overall weight.


The following davit systems are suitable for lifting dinghies, outboards, tender, jet skis, or for use as rescue davits on deck or dock.

davit arm davit arms are available as standard with baby, 1200mm, 1600mm, 2000mm, 2500mm or 3000mm reach. Choose from manual or electric winch and a spectrum of colours or carbon finish.

All davit systems are now available as two piece. Customisations can also be arranged. 


Multiple sockets in stainless, GRP or aluminium can be ordered allowing for a single davit to be used in a number of different locations. All sockets come with watertight caps.


Single Piece Davit System

Also available as 2 piece

Atlas Davit 1200mm
marine davitsDavit 1200
Standard leg: 1350mm
Short Leg: 1150mm
1200 SHORT
tender davit
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Also available as a two piece
Davit 1600mm
atlas carbon fibre davitDavit 1600
Standard leg: 1550mm
Short Leg: 1200mm
1600 SHORT
ATLAS 500-1600 Issue C
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Also available as a two piece
2000mm Davit System
boat davitDavit 2000
Standard leg: 1850mm
Short Leg: 1350mm
2000 SHORT
ATLAS 500-2000 Issue C
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Also available as a two piece

Two Piece Davit System

Also available as single piece

Carbon Fibre Davit
twin davits Davit 2500 & 3000
Standard Leg: 2500 mm
47 kg
54 kg
2500 SHORT
47 kg
54 kg
49 kg
57 kg
3000 SHORT
49 kg
57 kg
Two Piece Davit System
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Technical Specifications

dinghy davits Davit 1200, 1600, 2000, 2500 & 3000

Socket depth in deck 450mm / 18in
Socket internal diameter GRP and Aluminium 152mm / 6in
Socket internal diameter stainless steel 154mm / 6in
Manual winch (with 5:1 purchase)
Electric winch 12 / 24 volt
Bearings plain polyester

Advanced Pre-preg carbon fibre

Please telephone to discuss your marine lifting requirements: 01590 646780

ISO 900 registered firm DAME design awards British Marine Federation members

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